"No outside food permitted"

Chocolate Lava Cake $12.95
Warm chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache center served with vanilla ice cream.
"This dessert item must be re-heated at home"

David's Chocolate Chip Lava Cake  $12.95
Warmed chocolate chip cookie dough surrounds a rich chocolate ganache center served with vanilla ice cream.
"This dessert item must be re-heated at home"

Warm Apple Cake $12.95
Locally made warm apple cake topped with vanilla ice cream.
"This dessert item must be re-heated at home"

Classic Creme Brulee $11.95
Creamy custard topped in caramelized sugar.  

Chocolate Salted Carmel Souffle $12.95
Moist chocolate cake with a heart of creamy salted caramel.
"This dessert item must be re-heated at home"

Chocolate Caramel Crunch $11.95
Flourless chocolate cake filled with crunchy almond bits topped with creamy caramel, hazelnuts and chocolate

Creme Brulee Cheese Cake $9.95

Carrot Layer Cake $11.95 
3 inch round carrot cake with raisins, diced walnuts & sweet carrots finished with a classic cream cheese frosting.                                    

Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding $11.95             
Warmed and served with vanilla icecream

Chocolate Mud Cake $9.95
Hydrox cookie crust with chocolate fudge topping & chocolate ganache.

Traditionsl Tiramisu $9.95
An Italian dessert with layers of Mascarpone cream, delicate ladyfinger cakes soaked in espresso with a hint of liquor and dusted coca

Sorbet Sampler $11.95                                           
 Sampling of Trio of our Homemade Sorbets 
Lemon, Mango & Raspberry

Three Mini Cannoli $9.95
Three mini Cannoli Freshly filled.
Tartufo $9.95
Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with a dark cherry center dipped in dark chocolate.

Ice Cream $9.95
Vanilla, Chocolate & Rainbow Sherbet. 


Hot Beverages

Espresso Martini $15.00
One short of espresso, chilled and shaken with Stoli vanilla vodka, Tia Maria Liquor and dark Coco  

Irish Coffee $15.00
With a shot of our best Irish Whisky    

Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee $15.00
With a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream    


Taylor Fladgate Fine Ruby Porto $12.00
Taylor Fladgate Tawny Porto $12.00
Taylor Fladgate 10 year Porto $15.00
Taylor Fladgate 20 year Porto $18.00
Taylor Fladgate 30 year Porto $25.00

***Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm pricing***