Chocolate Lava Cake $9.95
Warm chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache center served with vanilla ice cream.
"This dessert item must be re-heated at home"

Peanut Butter Explosion  $9.95
A rich peanut butter brownie with our special peanut butter spread topped with a fudge icing and whipped cream, served with vanilla ice cream.
"This dessert item must be re-heated at home"

Apple Tartlet $9.95
Short pastry based filled with apple slices, topped with a smooth almond cream warmed and served with vanilla ice cream.
"This dessert item must be re-heated at home"

Classic Creme Brulee $9.95
Creamy custard topped in caramelized sugar.  

Brownie Bash $8.95
Brownie covered with chocolate ganache, topped with white and dark chocolate chips & drizzled with chocolate, white chocolate and caramel.

Spumoni Bomba  $9.95
Strawberry, pistachio and chocolate gelato layers dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate.
Homemade Gelato $8.95
Vanilla Bean    
Cookies & Cream    
Chocolate chip Mint  
Chocolate Mousse Cake $7.95

Tira Misu Cake $8.95

New York Cheese Cake $7.95

Sorbet Sampler $8.95                                                                                             
A Sampling of Four of our Homemade Sorbets 
Coconut, Lemon, Mango & Raspberry

Three Mini Cannoli $7.95
Three mini Cannoli Freshly filled.
Tartufo $8.95
Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with a dark cherry center 
dipped in dark chocolate.

Tortoni $5.95
Vanilla ice cream topped with shaved almonds and a maraschino cherry

Ice Cream $6.95
Vanilla, Chocolate & Rainbow Sherbet.  

After Dinner Drinks

Crème de Menthe
Dark Godiva Chocolate
Grand Marnier
Harvey’s Bristol Cream
Tia Maria
White Godiva Chocolate

Hennessy VS
Courvoisier VSOP

Angels Envy
Maker’s Mark 46
Woodford Reserve
Knob Creek

Highland Park 12 year old     
MaCallan 12 year and 15 year old

Hot Beverages $13 

Espresso Martini
One short of espresso, chilled and shaken with Stoli vanilla vodka, Tia Maria Liquor and dark  Coco 

Nutty Irishman
Columbian coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream & Frangelico Liqueur topped with whip cream  

Irish Coffee
With a shot of our best Irish Whisky    

Cafe Royal
Columbian coffee with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and Cafe Patron coffee liqueur topped with whip cream    

Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee
With a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream    


Taylor Fladgate Fine Ruby Porto $10.00
Taylor Fladgate Tawny Porto $10.00
Taylor Fladgate 10 year Porto $15.00
Taylor Fladgate 20 year Porto $18.00
Taylor Fladgate 30 year Porto $25.00

***Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm pricing***