"La Terrazza wins the "Pride of Clarkstown" Award
for the best maintained commercial property."


"The New City Chamber of Commerce thanks La Terrazza
for their generosity and support and recognizes the property
as well-maintained and beautiful."

Rockland County Times
Thursday, September 25, 2003
A pleasant feast at La Terrazza of New City
by Margaret Chiefs
Restaurant Critic

“The dining room is beautiful at La Terrazza.” 
“There was also a lovely circular fireplace at the center of the room, which I imagine would be quite cozy on a winter’s evening.”
“Overall, the meal was very nice. The food and atmosphere…..were great.”
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The Journal News
Thursday, March 11, 1999
By:  Dennis A. Chansky

Very Good

" is a fine establishment where we enjoyed an excellent meal"

"...On the tables were placed perfect bruschetta (crisp but not crackling) awash in fruity, diced tomato salad..."

"...Capellini with arugula and shrimp...the best of the genre I have found yet.  Made with a lot of garlic and olive oil, it was slick and moist enough to keep each strand of angel hair from sticking to the others..."

"...The filleted jumbo shrimp were again excellent, and the hot, gaseous, peppery essence of arugula lifted the dish out of the realm of ordinary tastes..."

" favorite part of this meal was my dessert, black raspberry gelato in a chocolate shell..."