Double Fudge Chocolate Cake $7.95
Two Layers of Delicious chocolate Cake with two layers of or rich chocolate fudge topped with a layer of chocolate cake crumbs and chocolate chips

Brownie Bash $7 .95
Brownie covered with chocolate ganache, topped with white and dark chocolate chips & drizzled with chocolate, white chocolate and caramel

Individual Red Velvet Cake $7.95
Two Layers of delicious red velvet cake two layers of smooth cream cheese & topped with red velvet cake crumbs

Chocolate Lava Cake $7.95
Warm Chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache center served with vanilla ice cream 

Peanut Butter Explosion $6.95
A rich peanut butter brownie with our special peanut butter spread topped with a fudge icing, whipped cream, and roasted peanuts 

Ultimate Peanut Butter Pie $6.95
Rich Chocolate ganache in a graham cracker crust sprinkled with peanut butter chips, ropped with a peanut butter mousse and whipped cream

Vesuvius $5.95
A Dark chocolate brownie cake dipped in a chocolate ganache with a layer of caramel and fluffy cheesecake surronded with toasted nuts and chocolate truffe bombs 

Ginger Pear Tarta $6.95
Sliced pears baked in a pie crust shell served warm with vanilla ice cream

Creme Brulee $7.95
Creamy custard topped in caramelized sugar

Homemade Gelato

Pistachio $5.95
Hazelnut Biscotti $5.95
Banana $5.95
Chocolate chip mint $4.95

Chocolate Mouse Cake $4.95

Tira Misu Cake $4.95

New York Cheese Cake $4.95

Sorbet Served in its Natural Shell $6.95
Orange, Lemon, Mango, Peach & Coconut 

Sorbet Sampler $6.95
A sampling of four of our homemade sorbets Coconut, Lemon, Mango & Raspberry

Cannoli $3.95
Freshy filled for crispy deligth

Three Mini Cannoli $4.95
Three mini cannoli fresly filled 

Tartufo $6.95
Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with dark cherry center dipped in a dark chocolate

Tortoni  $3.95
Vanilla ice cream topped with shaved almonds and a maraschino cherry

Spumoni $3.95
Vanilla, chocolate and pistachio ice cream 

Ice Cream $3.95
Vanilla, Chocolate & Rainbow Sherbet

Hot Beverages

Colombian Coffee $7.50
Colombian, fresh ground and steamy hot, flavored with a shot of your favoritr liquor or liqueur topped with whipped

Irish Coffee $7.50
With a shot of our best Irish Whisky

Bailey's Irish Cream Coffee $7.50
With a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream 

Mexican Coffee $7.50
Made with Kahlua

Italan Coffee $7.50
With Tuaca, a vanilla and orange liquor with a hint of cocoa

Jamaican Coffee $7.50
With Tia Maria

Almond Coffee $7.50
With Amaretto

Hazelnut Coffe $7.50
With Frangelico


***Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm pricing***